3 Innovative Marketing Strategies You Need To Know Today! (Dashnex Insider Update)

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Hi Dashnex Community and welcome to this episode of Dashnex Insider, the video series where we bring you announcements, updates and news to help you grow both on our platforms and online in general. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing why it’s so important to innovate, and I’ll be talking about a few ways in which you can do that. And I’ll also be sharing some developments from the Dashnex Development Team so you can get a good understanding of where we’re up to in terms of updates and releases on Dashnex Pages and IES.

So, first, let’s look at the importance of innovation. I have 3 stories from the world of marketing that I want to share with you.

Facebook Ads Option To Send Marketing Emails

Last week a number of Facebook business users reported that they had a new “Email Marketing” feature on their pages app, and now Facebook have confirmed that they are, in fact, testing new email marketing tools for pages with a small number of small and midsized businesses.

At the minute, Facebook has said that the new tools are just in the testing phase which means there is no guarantee that they will be rolled out across the board. BUT if they do get rolled out, they will enable small businesses to create email contact lists individually or by uploading contact lists from spreadsheets, after which they can compose emails via easy-to-use tools and send those emails directly via the Facebook platform, with the ability to track their performance.

You may know that email marketing is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing so this new announcement could see Facebook making email marketing even more accessible and effective. While this is potentially good news for advertisers, and I don’t fully know how this will affect other forms of email marketing, it’s worth noting that Facebook is still an ‘owned’ media so you should still, at this point at least, not be putting all your eggs in Facebook’s basket!

So, head to your Facebook Pages app now to see if you have the option, and get testing. And if you do have the option, let us know what you think of it!

Is TikTok The Newest Frontier?

Next, onto one of the world’s newest and fastest-growing social media platforms. At the beginning of the year, no-one, except some savvy marketers and business people, saw Tik Tok as a viable marketing tool. Now, however, it’s not just a platform for teenagers. Whether it’s a result of lockdown-induced boredom, or sheer curiosity, the platform is now a melting pot of people of all ages and backgrounds. Even businesses are coming up with creative ways in which they can reach their demographics on the platforms.

As a marketer, I downloaded the app at the end of last year to learn about it and keep up to date with a potential new marketing tool. And I’ll admit, I found myself down a rabbit hole watching random videos but it also made me realize that there is incredible potential here. Recently I’ve seen more and more ads popping up and people are even starting to work with influencers.

I would say that making content on TikTok takes much more time to create than on any other platform as it’s all video at the minute, but this week, Tik Tok have shared some tips on how you can leverage content for more exposure. With a branded hashtag challenge, businesses create a specific hashtag linked to a video challenge, which they can then use to expand their messaging by facilitating an interactive, engaging video response campaign.

While it’s not a guaranteed formula, if you can come up with a interesting and catchy challenge, you may be able to get a lot more exposure for your brand than on any other social media platform at the minute!

Another option is to work with TikTok influencers. There are now many accounts which have millions of followers, so reaching out to these influencers now is a great idea. Just like on Youtube and Instagram, early influencers could provide a huge return on investment because they don’t yet fully know how to price themselves. It could be the marketing deal of a lifetime!

COVID Marketing Exhaustion

A recent study by Marketing Land shows that in spite of the pandemic being far from over, COVID burnout is real, especially when it comes to marketing. In a survey by Harris Poll, 93% of respondents said they were interested in hearing about non-COVID topics and that 66% were feeling overwhelmed by all the coronavirus coverage. Roughly 40% wanted to see “stories of hope and inspiration” instead.

So, if your marketing messaging is all about lockdown, even if your products or services directly relate to and can help people in lockdown, it’s time to be a little more indirect with your messaging. You now need to show people you can help them with their current situation, without overtly reminding them that they are in the situation in the first place. 

Good luck with that!

But seriously, while it might seem like an impossible task, you just need to think about showing the benefits of your products or services without throwing the pandemic in people’s faces!


Dashnex Development Updates

We always try to fix bugs reported from our customers as soon as we possibly can. While we are working on new futures, this week’s releases were really focused on customers to fix bugs which our customers noticed and emphasized. Customer satisfaction is always the number one priority for us. 


  • xOmator As soon as it was reported that something is broken within xOmator, which allows you to import products and other information related to them from Aliexpress, we’ve fixed it asap. 
  • Flag icons for some currencies Each day a lot of new users of Instant Ecom Store are joining us and because of that it’s even more important that we include all countries’ corresponding flags properly. We’ve added the flag of India, Israel, South Africa and flag for Switzerland.
  • Private products It was noticed as a broken link for private products which prevented displaying them only to customers with direct product link, which we’ve now successfully solved. Private products are no longer displayed on category pages.
  • Importing reviews on Windows We have researched and solved an issue for users who are using Windows, so now all our users have an option to import reviews by csv. files.


  • Usage and creating subdomains Our system is created in a way, that 1 licence equal to 1 domain and it is counted also in the case when the subdomain is archived. To avoid any confusion we’ve disabled an option, to have more subdomains created under the same name. That will help our users to have a better overview of what they have already created and to track licences on other hand properly. 
  • Broken images on new page wizard We’ve noticed the broken linkage when a user wanted to unpublish any page of custom type due to issues with cookies, which has been now solved and all images on the new page wizard are now showing up as it’s meant to in the first place.
  • Showing Calendly script When the user added the Calendly script to the lead page editor, it was not displaying on the page due to some bugs, which we’ve solved. At the same time we’ve also made sure that is shown nice on mobile devices. 
  • Speed optimization We keep improving the speed on DashNex pages, as we are aware of the fact of how important it is to have it optimized as much as we possibly can. 

In the meantime…

We keep working on reviews, so our users will have more options with this feature, finalizing Project organizer on DashNex pages and on all our platforms making sure that we deploy new features and fixing bugs as much as possible quickly, as it helps our users to grow faster. On top of that, we also have a dedicated team, which ensures that the stability and security of our platforms are all the time monitored and stable.

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