5 Essential Elements Marketers Need In A Marketing Website Maker

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In this article, I will explain what you need from a marketing website maker. I’ll show the five specific elements that can directly impact your ability to generate more money through your marketing campaigns.

Here are the five elements that are essential for a great marketing website maker.

Marketing Website Maker With Simple Home Page Control 

As a marketer, you’ll be using a single domain or a couple of domains and couple of brands to run your marketing campaigns. Therefore, it would mean that you need to switch between the different pages that you want to display on the route of your domain. For example, one day, you might want to give away a report to generate leads & another day, you might want webinar registrations for a webinar you’re hosting. The ability to switch between these different marketing aspects is vitally important.

In DashNex PowerTech, it’s incredibly simple to control the front page with a few clicks of the mouse.

You go to the command hub & click on website settings:

Dashnex command hub of marketing website maker 

Then in 3 easy steps you can change the homepage to whatever page you wish. Firstly – Click the Custom Domain tab. Secondly – Click the Home Page Drop down arrow & choose the page you want to make the home page and click save changes. Thirdly – Click the preview icon. You’ll see that the route of your domain is now pointing to the page you chose.

changing homepage pages on dashnex marketing website maker

This gives you the ability to change the route of your domain. To whatever page you wish in just a few clicks. It could be any page you wish. A lead generations page, a webinar registration page or whichever page you need for your marketing campaign.

Easily Create Redirects

The ability for a marketing website maker to create redirects is absolutely crucial for a good marketing website strategy. As a marketer, you don’t want to go to the effort and expense of subscribing to an additional service. Or purchasing another domain to create redirects. Because of this, you want to be able to use your brand name, your brand domain and create redirect pages whenever you need them.

At DashNex, we make creating redirects very simple. We created a dedicated redirects dashboard in the command hub. It has all your redirect pages accessible at at the click of a button:

dashnex redirect page for marketing website maker original


This is great because you can easily manage, search, update & clone your redirect pages and of course create new redirect pages too, all from one location:

dashnex redirect page dashboard for marketing website builder


Build Lead Generation Funnels With Ease

The third essential element that needs to be in any marketing website maker is the ability to create lead generation funnels in minutes. The ability to generate leads is at the core of any marketing campaign. The primary goal of any marketer is to generate leads. This, in turn, gives marketers access to more people they can market to and ultimately sell to. The ability to turn any marketing idea that pops in your head into a campaign in minutes is absolutely crucial. Do you have an idea for a sweepstakes campaign or a video giveaway? You should be able to set it up and generate leads in minutes.

At DashNex we understand that marketers want to take action on a marketing idea fast and build the lead generation campaigns quickly and easily, so the lead generation pages & sweepstake pages are built into the command hub dashboard:

dashnex lead generation pages


DashNex PowerTech marketing website builder makes it incredibly simple to build lead generation pages. It has an easy to use wizard. This is where you can use the DashNex marketing website  templates, timers and all the other elements that a great marketing campaign needs.  So that you can generate leads as quickly as humanly possible:

dashnex lead generation page wizard


Create Custom Pages And Custom Campaigns Easily

The next crucial element in the marketing website maker is the ability to create custom pages or custom campaigns. As a marketer, you don’t want to be limited by website templates. Or a specific style built into the website builder. You want your marketing website builder to allow you to create custom pages or campaigns which accommodate your marketing needs. If you want to create quizzes, webinar registration funnels, or multi-step smart lead generation campaigns, your marketing website builder should accommodate those needs. You need to create so many different custom campaigns, and your marketing website builder needs to deliver on those needs. You should never feel like your marketing website builder is holding you back & preventing you from creating any custom marketing campaigns.

Dashnex has acknowledged the importance of custom pages by including custom pages on the command hub dashboard:

dasnex marketing website builder custom pages


Having all your custom pages in one place makes it very easy to build custom campaigns. If you want a custom webinar registration page, lead generation page, quizz pages and set the features up such as timers & other dynamic things then DashNex makes it very easy from this dashboard:

dashnex custom page dashboard

DashNex PowerTech makes it easy to build any custom pages you want. Such as custom webinar registration pages, custom lead generation pages, custom quizz pages such as the one below. And so many more.

dashnex quizz page


Scalability and Management

The final crucial element in the marketing website maker is scalability and management. As a marketer, you never want to be limited to a certain number of website visitors or website pages. You want to drive as much traffic as you possibly can to as many pages as you need. This is to be as successful as you possibly can with your online marketing campaigns. As you grow as a business and the number of pages grows, it’s vitally important that you can easily manage those pages. It’s also important to manage your different campaigns and projects, whether you have ten pages or 5,000 pages.

Organizing your pages, campaigns and projects is very easy in DashNex PowerTech, as you can see:

Scalability and management of campaigns and pages


Organizing your campaigns and pages into projects is very easy. If you click into the folders above you go into the project which shows the different pages in that project:

Organizing campaigns into projects


Choose the Best Marketing Website Maker for Successful Marketing Campaigns.marketing website builder

In this article, I’ve explained the five essential elements for a great marketing website maker. I showed you why a marketing website maker needs to allow you to switch between the different website pages that you want to display on the route of your domain. So having simple homepage control is vital. I also explained why your marketing website builder needs to allow you to create redirects as easily as possible. This needs to be done without having to go to the effort and expense of subscribing to an additional service or purchasing another domain.

Then I showed why it’s crucial for marketers to have a marketing website builder that gives you the ability to build lead generation funnels as quickly and easily as possible. In addition, custom pages and custom campaigns are essential for marketers. This is why I explained how critical it is for your marketing website maker to allow you to build custom pages and campaigns with ease. I also showed how the final critical element that a marketer needs from their marketing website maker is the ability to scale and manage that growth. No matter how many pages, campaigns, or projects you have. 

These five elements are critically important for a marketing website maker to generate more revenue from your marketing campaigns. At DashNex, we use these elements every day. So we know how important they are and what a big difference they will make for you. If you don’t currently have an online business, then take a look at our article on how to start a side business online

As you can see from everything I’ve discussed in this article, choosing the best marketing website maker is incredibly important for any marketer. In addition, we’ve made a video on the subject. So please feel free to watch it below this article.

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