Start selling your products or services in minutes.

Regardless of what you’re selling, you can have a high converting, fully branded and customer-ready online store without a designer, developer or consultant.


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Intuitive launch wizard.

It all starts with launching your store. With our store builder, all you need is to provide a few basic details such as store name, time zone, currency and contact details, and your store will be instantly created with all the cuttingedge functionality available out of the box—nothing to install or configure.

Synchronized mobile experience.

A full 80-85% of all the traffic comes from mobile devices, which is why it's not enough to have a responsive design - you need to provide a truly mobile experience to get engagement and conversions. Our store builder delivers exactly that. With our synchronized mobile experience, your store will be perfectly optimized for any mobile device without doing anything extra.

High converting product pages.

Product pages are what makes you - the store owner, money. They must provide information about your product or service in multiple forms, giving your visitors enough visual, descriptive and interactive details, so they are compelled to take action. And that's what you get when using our store builder.

Sales boosting engine.

Starting from timers and progress bars on the page, up to bundles, linked products, dynamic free shipping bars, and unlimited promo codes - everything is designed to boost conversions and give you traction. The best part is that you don't need to hire anyone to get these things working for you - it's all intuitive, right from the product page.

1-click product import.

If you have an existing inventory, you can import them from a file and have them listed on your store in no time. Also, if you're looking to launch a dropshipping store, we provide a 1-click product import from AliExpress. You can import and sell unlimited products from your store.

Robust product reviews engine.

It's not a secret that product reviews are the primary sales force of selling online. This is why here at DashNex, we have built the state-of-art reviews engine. Not only will it give you full control of what gets displayed, but you can instantly reward your customers for leaving a review by automatically issuing a unique discount code for each reviewer.

State-of-the-art cart & checkout experience.

Before we set out to design the cart and checkout experience, we acquired the most powerful eCommerce study to date done by Baymard Institute. It includes 50 case studies of some of the world's biggest stores. So we have taken the best of what's working today, giving you the toplevel cart and checkout experience out of the box.

Sell in any currency or use cash-on-delivery.

Regardless of the location and currency, you can launch a local delivery store in minutes and start selling products or services in any currency you like. The best part is that there are no transaction or processing fees. You can add and sell unlimited products anywhere in the world.

And dozens of other insanely powerful features designed to help you sell more and make more!


Start Selling In Minutes.

There are no transaction or processing fees. You don’t need a designer, developer or consultant. You don’t need 3rd party apps or plugins. And we don’t charge subscription fees.





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