You Can No Longer Ignore TikTok (Seriously!) | Dashnex Insider Update (6-12 July, 2020)

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Hi Dashnex Community and welcome to this episode of Dashnex Insider, the video series where we bring you announcements, updates and news to help you grow both on our platforms and online in general. If you miss anything I say or you need further clarification or help links, the link in the description will help you out.

In this video, I’ll be giving you some marketing tips which will help you if you use facebook for business. And let’s face it, the vast majority of us do! We’re also giving you another update on TikTok as it becomes more and more enticing for advertisers.

Stick around til the end and I’ll be sharing some Dashnex development updates too.

TikTok Launches New TikTok for Business Platform For Marketers To Boost Their Efforts

First up, we have some new surprising news from the viral app, TikTok. 

Two weeks ago, Tik Tok launched its new “Tik Tok for Business” website, which equips marketers with a diverse range of resources and tools to help them utilize the video-making platform for their ad campaigns. 

At present, the platform provides marketers with advice, case studies and links to other TikTok specific tools such as the Creator Marketplace, which provides users with exclusive insights on trends, video performance and much more. 

When you first click through to the TikTok for Business page you are greeted with the slogan, ‘Don’t make ads. Make TikToks.’ Through this slogan, it appears that TikTok is encouraging to think outside the marketing box and consider how they can utilize the app’s features to boost their branding. At this moment, it might seem that there’s not a lot on offer here past what was previously available, but TikTok definitely has a few things cooking in the kitchen.

Namely, the platform has also announced the launch of its AR Brand Effects and Partner Program. This program will equip users with visual effects to feature their Brand logos or products in their content. 

While TikTok for Business is still in its early stages, it’s safe to say that this is a platform that businesses should keep their eye on. As the platform gains traction, it could prove to be an invaluable tool for maximizing growth through the app. 


Facebook Adds Custom Audience Options Based on eCommerce Activity

Next up, we’re talking about Facebook’s new Custom Audience options. 

With Facebook and Instagram Shops on the horizon, it would appear that Facebook is taking steps to ensure that the platform will align with eCommerce activity. This is made evident through the new option to create a listing based on Shopping under Custom Audiences in your Ads Manager. 

With this new addition, you will be provided with three new options to build custom lists for retargeting your ads. Moving forward, you will be able to expand your retargeting reach to those who have viewed products, those who have added any products to their basket, and those who have purchased any products. 

Not only will these options allow you to broaden your audience but will most importantly help you re-engage the people who have already expressed interest in your products. In fact, since around 70% of customers are more likely to convert through a retargeting campaign, these new options will definitely go a long way to amplify your eCommerce efforts. 

But are these options limited to retargeting? Not at all. You will be able to utilize your new ‘Shopping’ custom audience to create Lookalike Audiences. Here, these new options will act as a base that will help you target more users who are likely to buy based on their behaviors and interests. 

Undeniably, these additions have the ability to truly maximize the effectiveness of your campaign, but by much? we’ll have to wait and see. 


Facebook Expands Its Creator Monetization Program + Adds New Analytics Tools 

In other news from Facebook, it appears that the social media giant is also planning to expand its Creator Monetization Program and add more tools to help creators boost their presence. 

With the consumption of live streams and videos reaching an all-time high amid COVID-19, Facebook is eager to cater to this demand by allowing more creators to reap the benefits of the platform’s monetization program. But that’s not all. Facebook is also providing creators with more options to monetize their videos. These options include featuring ads for short-form videos, ads for live video, and more.

In addition to this, Facebook is testing a feature that would allow Page owners to monetize live events hosted through the platform. According to Facebook:

“Paid online events are a new way of monetizing your live online event through a one-time access charge that’s collected when guests register to attend. Enabling an admission fee is done through the event set-up process and requires you to sign our terms of service and have a payment account on file.”

Essentially, through this option, you will be able to facilitate each aspect of your event through Facebook without needing to opt for a third-party event management system. This feature will be available to selected Pages, with the possibility of expansion over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, Facebook is adding a new ‘Comment Insights’ feature for creators, which will help compare how commenting on your posts may lead to better engagement and impressions.

With the demand for online content higher than ever, it’s clear that Facebook is looking for ways to entice both creators and users to stick around. With the addition of these tools, Facebook is proving itself to be a viable option for creators and other artists to regain a source of revenue after being affected by the pandemic. 

With Facebook providing more and more monetization options, we may see a surge of content creators returning or switching over to the platform

Dashnex Development Team Updates

At the Software HQ, we have decided to create a dedicated team to work on the new features that we want to add to our platforms while another part of the team works on bugs. This will help us address the backlog of new features so we can move forward to deliver new things to our users even faster, so they can grow their business. 

On IES we are continuing to work on “Cash on Delivery”, “Multi Shipping” and on other features from our list on which we will be working soon like “Import Products”, improving “Menus and Submenus”, ”Taxes” and much more is on our radar. 

We have started preparing everything needed to build the new big Editor inside of the DashNex Pages, which we believe will be a big thing to our users. It also reflects our fundamental values with developing new products “Speed, Simplicity, Results”.

As our community grows the dedicated team is working on the security, stability and flexibility, which are essential factors for us to ensure our users can rely on us and on our products, so their business can grow with the speed they wish. 

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