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Hi Dashnex Community and welcome to this episode of Dashnex Insider, the video series where we bring you announcements, updates and news to help you grow both on our platforms and online in general.

In this video, we’ll be talking about Tiktok yet again but we’ll also be talking about new updates to linked in and twitter after they have laid relatively dormant in the marketing sphere for a little while.

Stick around til the end and I’ll be sharing some Dashnex development updates too.

TikTok Extends Their Self-Serve Ad Platform To All Businesses

First up, we’re talking about TikTok – a platform that is slowly but surely taking over.

Over the past few months, TikTok has been testing its self-serve ad platform with several brand partners. But last week, TikTok finally announced that this ad platform is now available to all businesses as part of their new TikTok for Business platform – which we discussed last week.

If you’re familiar with ad campaigns through other social media platforms then TikTok’s self-serve platform won’t look that different. Specifically, if you’ve used Facebook’s Ad Manager you should have no issue navigating TikTok’s ad creation flow.

Aside from features such as usual set-up options such as targeting options, scheduling, budget, this platform also offers video templates and auto-editing tools. These fresh features will enable you to easily create custom content and add a mix of video and still-image content for your campaigns.

Since the platform was recently banned in India, it appears that this push for advertisers to spend on ads could not be better timed. As the result of this ban, TikTok reportedly lost 200 million users overnight, which could significantly affect the trajectory of the platform. And that’s not all TikTok stands to lose at the minute. Following the ban in India, we might also see the app blocked in Australia, the UK and the US. While nothing concrete has been determined yet, it would seem that these rumors have again re-ignited the debate over how the app collects data from its users and whether the platform should be allowed to function altogether.

So, with TikTok in hot water, it will be up to marketers to decide whether they will risk diving in or staying clear.

Though, before you make up your mind, listen to this. TikTok is looking to again curry the favor of the business community by establishing a new $100 million support program that will help SMBs get back on their feet. From this effort, it’s safe to say that right now TikTok is doing everything in its power to capitalize on this attention and maximize the app’s potential.

While, presently, the future of the app may be unknown, it might be worth evaluating how TikTok may serve your business before you completely turn your back on the idea.

LinkedIn Adds New Analytics Tools For Company Pages

Next up, we’re talking about the latest updates coming from LinkedIn.

These flashy new tweaks include new follower analytics for company pages, an audio option for pronunciation on user profiles as well as an alternative process for limiting company page invites.

Now, if you check out your LinkedIn company profile analytics you’ll find a ‘new’ marker on the Analytics tab. This addition sees a new listing of your company page followers by individual profile, which you can expand out to see a complete list of every single person who is following your page.

But why should you care about this new feature? Well, this listing offers you the opportunity to reach out to your new followers to thank them. More than that, this list provides you with valuable insight into who is visiting your page and thereby how you can adjust your processes to cater to your target audience.

Following on from this, LinkedIn is also employing a new system that will limit the number of invitations a company page can send to their connections to entice them to follow.

In an effort to minimize spam, this new system will provide each company page with 100 credits that they can use each month, with each sent invite equalling one credit. While credits are returned once your invite is accepted, unfortunately, accumulated credits do not roll over at the end of the month. It’s still early days for this system, so only time will tell if it’s actually more advantageous for businesses or not.

Moving on, don’t you just hate it when people mispronounce your name? Or worse, when you’re the one tripping over syllables? Well, it would appear that LinkedIn has a solution for this problem by adding an audio option for name pronunciation in your profile.

Now, in the LinkedIn app, you’ll notice the option to add a short audio recording of your name to help your followers learn the correct pronunciation of your name and hopefully avoid some awkward situations in the future.

While these new additions won’t exactly revolutionize the way you use LinkedIn, they do, however, offer you some great insights into how you can build your on-platform presence – Definitely, some things to keep in mind, anyway.

Twitter’s Working on a New Subscription Service

Next, we’re talking about the speculation surrounding a new subscription platform on Twitter.

After some eagle-eyed saw that the company posted a mysterious job listing, the Twitter-sphere is buzzing with speculation. This job listing revealed that Twitter has a new internal team, “Gryphon”, that is “building a new subscription platform”.

While the job listing notes that a subscription platform would be a ‘first’ for the platform, it’s unclear how Twitter is planning to implement this service. As noted in an article from the Verge, “Twitter generates the vast majority of its revenue through ad sales and data licensing currently, and a subscription service could potentially provide exclusive content in return for a monthly fee.”

It would seem that Twitter is eager to keep the specifics of this new endeavor under wraps, as they have now edited the original job listing to remove any mention of the ‘subscription service’.

But is not the first time that Twitter has dipped its toe into the waters of a subscription model. In 2017, Twitter conducted a survey to assess whether users would pay for new analytics, information about what your followers were tweeting about, and news alerts. Further back from that, in 2009, Twitter even proposed a subscription-based model that featured advanced analytics. If Twitter had implemented this model, we also would have seen companies paying for verification for their accounts.

While we may see some of these ideas implemented in the future, it would appear that Twitter is actually looking to match other platforms. After seeing how services such as Facebook’s Fan Subscriptions entice popular, prominent users to post more frequently, it’s easy to see why Twitter would venture down this route.

It’s still too early to know what a subscription service on Twitter would actually look like. At first glance, you would assume that a subscription on Twitter would mean ‘paying for someone’s tweets’, but that might not be the case. In this sense, we definitely will be watching this space and so should you.

Next some updates from the Development Team

At the Software HQ we are working on two, big parallel parts of the business. On one side, we are preparing and moving our platforms to the infrastructure that will allow us to even faster deploy new features for our users. On the other side, we are working on new features. That means that we are making a big difference on our end which we hope to be visible soon at users end as well. Like we’ve mentioned before, our customers are for us number one focus and user experience is something we want to improve all the time. Furthermore, we are not focusing only on improving our platforms to increase the performance, but also making sure that the security and stability of our platforms are on the highest level too.

We fixed bugs on DNP and to mention few of them:
Subdomain with mapped custom domain: There was a bug noticed when a user wanted to mapped a custom domain by saving it with the prefix “www.”. We’ve solved this issue in a way that the user can save it with www. or without as they prefer it.

Previews unpublished custom page: We’ve received a bug from our valuable users, that they can’t preview unpublished custom pages and we’ve solved it in a way which enables them to preview the custom page in it’s full size with all images and styles included within the template.

Upload .png file to the source hosting: We’ve solved a bug which was present when a user uploaded a .png file to the source hosting and enabled it now, so our users are not limited by uploading .png type of the file to the source hosting.

White space visible on the page: We know how important it is for our users to have designed their pages as they would like to have it. Because of that we’ve removed the white space which appeared in the footer when the “Powered by” badge was disabled. With improving the view of the page we’ve improved the view of the page that it fit the best to our users.

On IES we will soon deploy “Multi Shipping” option which will enable our users to enable more shipping options for each product, to provide the delivery time option for each shipping service different option and other options, on which we will talk about in our following product reviews. We are continuing to work on our product roadmap and to mention just few of the upcoming features,

  • “Cash on Delivery” which will give customers an option within all other existing payment options which are enabled by users for their stores (existing payment options are Paypal and Stripe) on the check out
  • “Product direct checkout link” which will help users to growth their business even more
  • “Import products” with a similar logic as we’ve done it with importing reviews.
  • and on many other features from our list on which we will be working in the near future.

We have prepared everything needed to build the new big Editor inside of the DashNex Pages, which we believe will be a big thing to our users. It also reflects our fundamental values with developing new products “Speed, Simplicity, Results”.

As our community grows the dedicated team is working on the security, stability and flexibility, which are essential factors for us to ensure our users can rely on us and on our products, so their business can grow with the speed they wish.

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