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Hi Dashnex Community and welcome to this episode of Dashnex Insider, the video series where we bring you announcements, updates and news to help you grow both on our platforms and online in general. If you miss anything I say or you need further clarification or help links, the link in the description will help you out.

In this video, I’ll be going over 3 stories from the world of marketing that will help you decide which form of marketing you want to use to position your products or services. Then, I’ll be giving you a simple tip to increase sales on your online store. And finally, I’ll be sharing some updates that we’re working on with IES and Dashnex pages.

Before I get started, I just want to mention that we received a ton of messages this week regarding our new webinar training – how to sign up and access issues to the inner circle. 

You can check out the link in the description for more information on that.

Marketing and Business News

Linked In Trends Show Pandemic Recovery

Last week, LinkedIn released its latest data on job postings on the platform, which shows a dramatic increase to the number of jobs posted in the midst of the pandemic.

Data shows that France and Singapore are recovering at the highest rate with Australia, the US, the UK and Italy all following behind.

And while you might wonder why it matters that these countries are hiring more – after all you’re running your own business right – it gives you a deep insight into the potential success for your own business, especially if you sell into these regions. 

If you sell products or services to the countries I mentioned, it may be time to start thinking about increasing your marketing efforts into these regions since the economy will be ticking along again and people will, inevitably, begin to spend money again.

But before you jump too soon, remember that people won’t start jobs and instantly spend all of their disposable income. It may be a few months before you really start to see an increase in revenue in your store. So bide your time and prepare your marketing campaigns.

That said, there is place in the market for a specific type of product or service, and that’s those that help people starting jobs or getting back to work. If your business can provide for this segment, then it may be time to push your marketing now.

Google Adds More Add Options

Next, we’re looking at Google Ads. According to the search giant, COVID-19 has changed the way that people consume media. More people are now relying on streaming services to consume content. In fact, Youtube watch time on TV is up 250% year on year!

Crazy right!?

Well, never one to be behind the trends, Google have announced that they are adding more options when it comes to Google Ads to help advertisers get in front of their audience in new ways.

In order to help advertisers find the best deals for their campaign objectives, Google has created a dedicated TV section in its ad Marketplace “specifically for publishers and inventory that let you reach TV audiences across devices”.

You’re also able to get more information on any publisher, including insights on performance, audience and inventory, and you can send requests for proposals to your chosen publishers directly from the platform.

In addition to this, Google’s also adding new ‘ready-to-buy’ options, making it easier for brands to run streaming ad campaigns.

There’s quite a lot to digest with this one, too much to talk about in one video, so if you use Google Ads, or you’re thinking about it, then make sure you look into this option.

Text Messaging 

Next, we’re talking text messages.

In a recent report by Marketing Land, text messages are the most effective form of advertising that brands aren’t using. 

It is estimated that fewer than 50% of brands are using SMS as a regular marketing tool. With the average email open rates being 18% compared to a 90% open rate on text messages, it’s crazy to think that more brands aren’t using this form of communication.

And that’s especially true when you factor in a recent survey by Yotpo where more than half of the participants said they wanted a text relationship with their favorite brands.


Increase Your Revenue With Product Sequencing

Now, let’s move on to some advice from Dashnex CEO Peter who has a simple tip for you which will help you increase your sales.

In one of our recent conversations, Peter told me about creating product sequencing. 

Product sequencing essentially involves one primary product – the product you think is the most important in your store and where you will send the most traffic to, and 3-5 related products – products that people who are interested in your primary product might also like. 

Next, you list all of them on your IES store and on each product page, you list the other products as related products. 

So now, when a visitor visits one of them, they will see all others displayed as well. If they click on a related product, they go to that particular page where they see the rest as related products again. 

Eventually, some people might visit all product pages until they decide to buy from your store, but by making a sequence you essentially ‘CONTROL’ their behavior on your store and you steer them to see what you want them to see, instead of hoping that they will discover products by themselves. 

I know this might sound complicated, but when you use the IES, the process to set it up is very simple. Just ask us about it if you’re having any issues and will help you out. 


Dashnex Development Updates

Instant eCom Store: Review feature

We are aware of the fact, how important and helpful for our users is the recently added review system inside of the IES. In the existing review feature we’ve added some more options related to the image reviews. 

Import images for reviews from the CSV file

Our users can now import images for reviews from the csv. file in the same way as they currently import reviews. The only difference is, that now they can also do a bulk import with images for reviews. Here we’ve also added a status while images are uploading, so user can monitor the progress and in the meantime action buttons are disabled to prevent any potential issues while the importing is not completed.

Reviews dashboard

Since users can import images for reviews, we’ve also improved users’ experience when working with a large number of reviews. We have added an option on the review dashboard to instantly see if the review comes with a photo or not. With having that option our users will easier manage them and add image reviews for those who don’t have it yet.  

Instant Ecom Store: Bugs

Related to review system

Since it’s a relatively new feature and it means a lot to our users, we are fixing any noticed bugs related to it as soon as possible. There was an issue with searching for the product when importing reviews, which we’ve fixed within the reported week.

Importing logo from URL

We’ve noticed that there was a bug present when a user wanted to import a logo to their store from the URL and it is now enabled.

Saving changes in Signify on the Marketing Hub (Conversion Lab)

We are aware of the fact how important it is to have good user experience while making any changes anywhere on the backside of the store. The ability to save in Signify was disabled and it was not showing an error. That left users uninformed on the current status, so now the status will show and in any case of error, the user will see what needs to be checked and corrected.

DashNex Pages

In the second half of May we’ve created a Command Hub page and dashboards by page types. Now we are proudly announcing that the new feature called Project Organizer is now available for our users as well. This just allows users to organize pages based on a purpose so that it’s easier to manage websites with lots of pages. Users are now having an option to control what they’ve built and also an option to easier manage their projects and pages. 

Project organizer

PAGE FINDER & PROJECT FOLDER PANEL – Users can now search and also organize all their different pages by project or purpose. Similar to the Finder in iOS products, users can organize their pages into a folder structure that makes sense for them in a tile or list view. By saying that they can create, delete and rename folders, as well as to add or remove any page from a folder. 

MANAGING PAGES IN PROJECTS – Users have now an option to manage a page directly within the project on each of the respective page type dashboards. That allows users to manage all their pages from one single point of true by adding or removing a page to a project which doesn’t really affect the display of the page. At the same time users have also an option to edit pages within the project dashboard, where they have also an option to preview the page and see what changes they’ve made. 

Speed optimization

We are continuing to optimize the speed on DashNex pages as we know how huge an impact it has in the case it’s not maximum optimized. More on that will be shared later on as we are keep working on it to make sure, we’ve checked from all possible angles to make it the best as possible for our users and customers. 

Coming soon..

on Instant eCom Store

We are all aware of the fact that expanding on the market needs to be hand in hand with adding new features and functionalities on IES which cover needs of our users and customers at the same time. Because of that we are working on cash on delivery, multiple shipping options, improving and enabling options from different aspects on IES. We are focused to dedicate as much as possible energy on parts, where it was noticed that our users and customers would need the most. 

on DashNex Pages

As soon as we will finish with speed optimization we continue with the big new Editor inside of the DashNex Pages, which will make it easier while building new pages by drag and drop options and will lead to other new functionalities.

on Dashnex 

We are also finishing working on the first package of functionalities for Dashnex Connect to provide a generally better user experience. Because of that, we are working on cleaning it up, simplifying user profiles and much more, which will be included in our near future releases.


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