Two-Step Lead Generation Process To Make Your Email List Grow Like Crazy

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In this article, I’m going to share with you the lead generation process that builds massive email lists in record time. It doesn’t matter what your business is or what you’re selling. If you want to generate a lot of leads and build a massive email list quickly, this article is a must-read.

The Two-Step Lead Generation Process

leads for your business

Over the years, I’ve gained a wealth of list building and lead generation experience. I have found that a simple two-step process is a key to setting you up for success.

This is the most effective and the fastest way to really dominate the space that you are in. It’s all about attracting the right kind of prospects, the right kind of leads for your business. You can only do that if you go inside of your niche and you start to dominate it quickly.

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attract ideal customers

This two-step process for the lead generation really starts with answering a very simple question and that question is “What?”

It’s the most important question. If you answer it correctly, you are going to dominate the space and attract all the best prospects to your email list.

To begin answering the question, let’s expand it a little. What is everybody else in your market or niche doing right now to attract the ideal customers, the ideal prospect?

To answer this question properly, you must go out and find the top 25-30 people who are actively prospecting in your niche and you figure out what they are doing in order to generate leads. You figure out what kind of giveaways they have (what kind of ebooks, software, or videos they are giving away) to attract the ideal customer.

When you know what these 25-30 top people in your niche are doing to generate leads, you will quickly learn everything about the marketplace. Here you will discover exactly how they are doing what they’re doing and becoming successful.

You will know exactly what they give away…

You will know exactly what kind of emails they are sending…

You’ll know how often they’re sending them…

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You will have answers to all of those questions, making it super easy for you to make a decision on how to really attract your ideal prospect to your business. And do it super fast too.

Yes, going through the top 25-30 people or top businesses in your niche takes a bit of time because you’ll need to go to their website and check out what kind of retargeting ads they are sending you on Facebook. You’ll need to sign up to their list and see what kind of emails they are sending etc.

So it will take a little bit of time to figure out but essentially if you can figure out what they are giving away in order to attract people it becomes super easy for you to figure out what you need to do.


what competitors are doing

So once you have gathered all the information about your competitors and you will start to see some commonalities emerge.

When you have identified all of this, the next step is very simple: you 10x it. You 10x what your competitors are doing.

The essential idea is to give more value than your competitors. You know what they are giving away in order to attract leads. So you need to think about how you can add more value to it.

One way to do this is by looking through all of your competitor’s feedback from their customers. Look at their comments on Facebook. Search everywhere online so you can see what kind of response people are giving after they receive something from one of these giveaways.

By doing this, when you put out your offer your prospective leads will instantly see that you are someone who is adding much more value than anybody else and that’s the whole game.

If you nail this process correctly, you will win the game!

I have done this many, many times. I’ve been building email lists since 2011. So I’ve been doing this for a long time and every single time I use this process. My lead generation funnel converts like crazy. I make a lot of money from these funnels because I’m giving more value away than any of my direct competitors, which may be combined.

You don’t have to overthink this either. For example, if someone is giving away an ebook, give away an ebook plus a video. If someone is giving away video, give them a PDF and a checklist, etc.

help people instantly

It’s the little things that can help people instantly in your market to get results because people that are searching for your business (your prospects and your leads), they want a solution. If you can give them a helping hand and if you can add more value than any of your direct competitors then you become the winner. You come in and you start to dominate the space like you have been there for many, many years.

What’s more, you can even start to outcompete some of the big guys that maybe don’t appreciate the process anymore.

The Key Takeaway

By following this simple process, you don’t just take a stab in the dark when it comes to trying to figure out what you should give away. When you go this route and look at what other people are doing and how they are attracting prospects and leads, then 10x it, you add more value instantly.

The “Lead Generation Simplified” Series

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