How To Start A Side Business Online…Today!

How To Start A Side Business Online

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Want to learn how to start a side business online that requires very little maintenance but can result in a serious ROI? Keep reading and I’ll show you how to start a side business while working full time with no experience needed and very little money.

In this article I’ll be teaching you the exact tactics and strategies so you know how to start a side hustle business that very few people know about. This unique online side business doesn’t require you to talk to people, generate leads or do any complicated marketing with Facebook, Google ads or any other costly marketing like that.

Step by step I’m going to show you how to start a side hustle right away and what you need to generate a substantial side income from this small side business.

A Real Money Making Opportunity

Before I take you through the exact process of starting this side business, you need to see that this is a real money making opportunity, and how other people are making thousands of dollars doing it themselves right now.

Then I’ll give you valuable tips that will give you an unfair advantage over them, helping your profits skyrocket.

The incredible side hustle business I’m talking about is building and selling eCommerce stores to eager buyers with absolutely no prior experience and very little cash.

To see the opportunity with your own eyes I need you to go to, the number one marketplace for buying and selling domains, websites, e-commerce stores & online businesses and choose the dropship eCommerce stores that have been recently sold for between $100 & $1000.

It’s very easy to find any website or store on Flippa. For example, if you want to find all the listings of recently sold dropshipping stores, here is how you can do it:

Step 1 – Go to Flippa and simply click browse, and from the dropdown select Websites >> eCommerce >> Dropship



Step 2 – Scroll to the bottom and on the left sidebar select ‘Recently Sold

Flippa ecommerce stores recntly sold


Step 3: Scroll up to Price Range and type 100 for min & 1000 for max.

flippa price range for ecommerce stores


Step 4: Scroll back up to the top of the page & click on the “Sort by” dropdown arrow and click on “Most Recent”.

flippa most recently sold ecommerce stores


Scrolling through the sold eCommerce stores you’ll see that they have sold for hundreds of dollars each. Click into some of these store listings and check how much the sellers have earned from selling eCommerce stores. Some have earned tens of thousands of dollars.


I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a great online side business which you can start while working full time. If you want to understand the different eCommerce business models then take a look at our article where we delve deeper into the subject. Now let me show you how you can start this amazing side hustle online business today, even if you have zero experience and little money.

How To Start This Easy Online Side Business Now

I’ll tell you exactly how to start this online side business today & give you incredibly valuable tips that give you an unfair advantage over people that are doing it right now. Follow the steps below & you will generate your very own online business side income in no time at all!

Step 1 – Pick a Niche

A great way to pick a niche is to look at what has been sold recently on Flippa.

Take a look at recently sold eCommerce stores(just like you did before).

Note the niches that those stores are in & it will show you which niches are hot and selling well at the moment on
For example, you might see eCommerce stores in the pet niche, outdoor or survival niche, home decor niche, or fashion niche.

Identify the niches of the stores that are selling time and time again on Flippa and you’ll find a great niche to pick for your eCommerce store right now.

Another great way to narrow your choice of a niche for your eCommerce website is to choose a niche based on your personal interests.
For instance, if you’re a pet lover, then the pet niche could be a good niche to focus on. On the other hand, if you love fashion or home decor, then one of those niches could be great for you.

How to start a side business while working full time

Step 2 – Find A Domain

A valuable domain name increases the value of your eCommerce store, so you want to find a domain name that has a value of at least $1,000 to $1,500 or more.

To find great domain names go to LeanDomainSearch. Try to find two-word domains rather than three or more word domains. The shorter the domain name, the more valuable it should be.
An example of this is when we scrolled through recently sold eCommerce stores on Flippa we saw that was valued at $1,431, while was only valued at $402.  First prize is a one-word domain, but these are very rare or are usually very expensive.

The older the domain, the more valuable it usually is, so use CompleteDNS to check the age of the domain name that you’re thinking of using.

Once you’ve found a domain name that works for the niche you’ve picked, check its value using the Godaddy Appraisal Tool.

The sweet spot is to find a domain with an estimated value of at least $1,000 to $1,500 with a bit of age to it.

Secret Tip: Choosing a sweet spot domain lets you use its age and value combination as a selling point to increase the price when you’re selling your eCommerce store or website.

Step 3 – Build Your eCommerce Store

The easiest & most cost-effective way to build your eCommerce store is to use DashNex PowerTech software.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to start your side hustle business and DashNex PowerTech is exactly what you need to set up your eCommerce store today.
To make it a no-brainer for you, you’ll be able to purchase DashNex PowerTech at a huge discount with no subscriptions, no add-ons, with a lifetime deal that you don’t want to miss.

Once you’ve built your store you’ll load at least 5 product categories with no more than 4 or 5 products in each category into it.
If you think it will be difficult to find products, it won’t be with the DashNex PowerTech platform. The DashNex PowerTech software has a catalog of products to choose from as well as the DashNex e-club which has winning products in different niches.

SECRET TIP: DashNex PowerTech makes it very simple to get the eCommerce store up and running in no time at all and ready to be sold.

how to start a side hustle business


Step 4 – List Your eCommerce Store on Flippa

Go to Flippa, sign up, complete your profile by verifying the required information, and list your eCommerce store.

SECRET TIP: Fully verified sellers usually command higher prices and sell their eCommerce stores quicker.

It’s important when listing your store that you model off the listings that have sold in your particular niche. Take note of how they positioned the store and create a template of a successful Flippa listing in your niche.
Doing a listing for a niche for the first time might take longer, but once you’ve created a template you can use it for all your eCommerce stores in the future. Then, the only thing you need to do is replace the store name, the niche & some of the value metrics, and you’re ready to sell your next eCommerce store.

SECRET TIP: The buyer of your eCommerce store would start paying monthly fees immediately if it’s a Shopify store. If you build it with DashNex PowerTech, you’d transfer the store to the new owner with no monthly fees payable to DashNex. That’s a huge saving for the new owner and a massive selling point for you.

Congrats, You Know How To Start A Side Business Today!

In this article I’ve given you an exact blueprint of how to start a side business while working full time with very little money and zero experience.

I’ve shown you what a great opportunity the side business is by looking at what other people have earned by selling eCommerce stores using

I have given you the exact tools & tactics (and my secret tips) to find a profitable niche and to choose sweet spot domains using LeanDomainSearch & Godaddy Appraisal Tool that will have buyers queuing to give you their money.

I also showed you how to build eCommerce stores as quickly, easily and cost-effectively as possible using DashNex PowerTech software and how to easily sell these stores for maximum profit and create a template of proven, successful Flippa listings so that you can pump out eCommerce stores over and over again for maximum profit.

As you can see from everything we have discussed, this online side hustle is probably the easiest to start for anyone. Here is a video on this topic that will help you to get started in no time at all. Just watch the video below, and start now.



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