5 Essential Elements For A Small Business Website Builder

small business website builder

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A good website is essential for a small business to thrive today. So using a top-class small business website builder is really important. But how do you know what website builder to use?

In this article, I will give you the five crucial elements that need to be considered when deciding which website builder is best for your business. I’ll also show you how to use these elements to set yourself up for massive success when building a website.

So let’s dive into the five elements that are essential to consider when choosing a website builder for your business:

Easy Setup

When you realize that it’s vital for your small business to have a website, you might ask yourself the question, ‘How can I build a website for my small business?”

You don’t need to spend insane amounts of money on a website developer or designer. You want to get your website up and running in as little time as possible. easy website setupThis is why you want to have an easy website builder for small business. You need a website builder that allows you to set the website up very easily by yourself. An example of a website builder that lets you set up your website very easily is DashNex PowerTech.

DashNex PowerTech has all of the design features on one single page.  With a click of the mouse, you choose which elements to select. Configuring design elements and uploading logos are a piece of cake. Adding absolutely any pages, even legal, about, and contact pages is done with a click of a button. DashNex PowerTech makes adding any scripts as easy as a copy and paste. Adding these scripts is really important for letting things such as Google Analytics work so that your small business knows how many people are visiting your website.

What’s important is that with DashNex PowerTech, it’s such an easy setup. You don’t need special skills or be a website designer to build an amazing small business website. Furthermore, once you’ve built it you don’t need to touch it again.

Design Freedom

Every business is unique, and your business website needs to reflect your business perfectly.

As a small business owner building a website, you should be able to choose whichever design you want to showcase your business properly. This is how you build a website that stands out, allows you to connect with your audience, and generates business for you.

It’s crucial that the website builder that you choose does not restrict you.  It shouldn’t lock you in to only use a limited set of templates.  It shouldn’t force you to use a specific drag and drop builder that the website builder provides and restricts you to particular designs.

DashNex PowerTech is a website builder that allows you to choose thousands of templates. These are from designers from all over the world. Most of the templates are free, but you can pay a small one-time fee for premium templates if you want.

The best thing is that all you need to do is Google “free HTML templates”. Then just download whichever free template you want. Then drag and drop the file into Dasnex PowerTech.

You click edit and customize it for your small business website without needing any help from a website developer. It’s as easy as that.

This is an example of just one of the thousands of free templates that we’ve downloaded.

html website design template


It’s easy to find one perfect for a small business, start-up, or event In fact, for any website you are building.

Website Speedwebsite speed

Another crucial element to consider when choosing a website builder is the loading speed management.

Most visitors to a website do so via their mobile devices. If the website doesn’t load quickly enough, they simply leave. So you literally have a couple of seconds before you lose someone who could have been your next customer. Another reason why a fast website is essential is that you won’t rank on Google. So you’ll lose a ton of free organic traffic if your website is too slow.

This is precisely why we at DashNex have built the speed optimization engine right inside our platform. This removes any website loading speed issues, which removes a major stumbling block to acquiring a new customer.

In DashNex PowerTech, we make things as simple as possible for you. All you need to do is press a few buttons in the website settings when you upload your website template files. Then all the files will be optimized for speed automatically.

speed optimization settings for website builder

You don’t want to choose a website builder that requires you to sign up for extra services. Or buy applications to have a website that’s fast enough. Instead, it should provide speed optimization out of the box.

SEO And Marketing

Up to now, we’ve covered the top three essential elements that you need to look for in a website builder; easy setup, design freedom, and website speed. The fourth essential element that needs to be in place in a good website builder is SEO and marketing. A small business will not survive unless it has the ability to generate leads and sales.

Your business needs to be exposed to as many prospective customers as possible. So you want your business website to have visitors from as many sources as possible. This is why it’s essential that the website builder that you choose has specific tools in place. These tools need to allow you to build campaigns and generate as many leads and sales from as many places on the internet.

At DashNex, we understand how vital these tools are for your business to grow and thrive. So we’ve built some seriously powerful tools right inside the website builder.

New Lead Generation Tools

When building tools for our website builder at DashNex, we always think of what objective a business wants to achieve. Of course, one of the primary objectives of most businesses is the ability to generate leads.

To make lead generation as easy as possible, we created a lead generation page system where you can build lead generation funnels. As with all our features, we make it super simple to do without any technical experience whatsoever.

You go through our wizard, and it allows you to give away a report, ebook or video. All you do is provide the content and configure things like timers. You’ll literally have the page ready in minutes.

The DashNex PowerTech lead generation page wizard is very easy to use, no technical experience needed:

dashnex lead generation page wizard

Once you’ve built the page just push traffic to it and sit back and watch the leads roll in.

Existing Lead Re-engagement

An essential part of business is ensuring that you get repeat business from your existing customers. Another forgotten aspect of acquiring new customers is engaging with old leads who have not bought from you in the past and trying to make them new customers.

A terrific way to get great engagement from existing customers and old leads on your mailing list is to organize a sweepstakes campaign where you give away something. Apart from using sweepstakes pages to generate business from existing customers and old leads, it’s excellent for using social media to generate new leads.

DashNex allows you to build sweepstakes pages in a matter of minutes.

So when you’re choosing a website builder, you need to ensure that it gives you the tools to make lead generation for your business as quick and easy as possible. If your business is starved of leads, it will die.

SEOseo for website builder

SEO gives a business the ability to generate free traffic to its website by appearing in Google searches. Therefore, a business owner needs to spend as little time as possible on setting his website up to be ranked by Google and found by customers.

At DashNex, we’ve made it super simple to do what you need to ensure that Google and other search engines rank your website. Meta details, open graph images, and XML sitemaps, all crucial for ensuring you appear in search results as soon as possible, are dealt with quickly and easily in the DashNex website builder. No technical experience is needed.

It’s crucial when choosing a website builder that it gives you the ability to rank as soon as possible without needing to be an SEO expert or technical wizard. This is vitally important if you want free organic traffic for your business. It also gives enhanced credibility and brand awareness.

Website Builder Costswebsite builder costs

A website is a crucial business tool. But understanding the cost implications of a website builder is vital. Else the costs can spiral out of control very quickly.

Before deciding to use a specific website builder, you need to understand what you’re paying for when signing up with that particular platform. You need to understand whether the price you’re paying will include templates, hosting, a domain, plugins, themes, and website setup. If not, then you need to know how much those different elements will cost.

You need to understand whether you’ll need a website developer or designer to complete your website set up and how much that would cost. Another important cost to consider is how much the maintenance of the website will be over the short and long term. This is very important because when you choose a website builder, it is a long-term commitment. If you build your website on that particular platform, you’re likely to stay on it for the foreseeable future.

I’m sure that you now understand that committing to a particular website builder without understanding precisely what you’re paying for can be a very costly experience. This is exactly why costs is one of the five crucial elements that need to be considered when choosing a website builder for your small business.

Choose the Best Website Builder For Your Business

best small business website builder

So what is the best website builder for small business? I’ve given you the five crucial elements that need to be considered when you’re choosing a website builder for your small business. If you don’t consider these elements when selecting a website builder, it will cost you plenty of time and loads of money.

In the article, we started by explaining how important it is that the website builder you choose allows you to set up your website very quickly and easily without the help of costly website developers or designers and how important it is that it provides the freedom to design a website that reflects your business perfectly without locking you into a limited set of templates or particular designs.

I explained how a fast website is non-negotiable. Unless you want visitors to leave your website in droves, and the website builder you choose needs to optimize your website for speed automatically.

I also showed you what an important role a website plays by attracting customers through lead generation and free organic traffic, so choosing a website builder with built-in lead generation tools and a straightforward way to optimize your website for SEO is crucial.

The final crucial element we told you to consider was the costs associated with the website builder you are looking at. And how it’s vitally important to understand all the costs involved when using a particular website builder. Costs such as the setup, design, and maintenance costs and the costs to employ website developers, designers, and consultants.

As you can see from everything we have discussed, choosing the right website builder for your business is incredibly important. If you’re a small business who is considering looking at exploring the possibility of looking at ecommerce for your small business, then take a look at our article showing you the best ecommerce platform for small business.

We’ve made a video on the subject of the five crucial elements.  Please feel free to watch the video below this article.

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